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little oven

I read Tschumi didn’t detail the thing. He provided the vision, designed it and local architects Michael Photiadis detailed it. In comparison to other local buildings this scheme has a high quality spec. Although in terms of CHAD (Swiss, Austrian, German) build quality standards are poor.On the whole the journey was enjoyable but nothing spectacular. A lot of empty spaces, maybe a sign of the Greeks wanting to reclaim artifacts from a far. I’m still blinded by them stainless steel clad columns at the top.
On the plus the coffee and beer was cheap!


That was one definite subtext which is omitted from the post. There is a very noticeable surplus of space, roughly the right size for a nice collection of second hand marble statues.....

I think generally its not a bad building per se, and a more than adequate home for the artefacts, but just not quite in the league of some other great recent civic architecture in Europe.

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